Affiliated Playwrights Join DQT

The Dramatic Question Theatre (DQT) is excited to announce its Affiliated Playwrights: Erica Silberman, Ahrum Claiborne, and Brittany Barker. Each of these playwrights will be making artistic contributions to our company this season and beyond: 

Ms. Erica Silberman's IN THE NIGHT EVERYONE IS EQUAL will be part of the DQT New Voices Double Play Project, which will have its premiere at the new  A.R.T./New York Theatres, for their 2017-18 inaugural season. 



Ahrum Claiborne's solo piece, SEOUL FOR SALE, will undergo our development process in preparation for WOMENSWORK: A SOLO FESTIVAL, a forthcoming DQT project.

From Ahrum:

I'm excited to be enveloped in a community of writers whom I can learn from and create with, and to use the expertise of that community to make the intentionality of my art transferable to those who engage with it. 

I accepted the invitation to be an Affiliated Playwright of the Dramatic Question Theatre mainly because of its prioritization of providing  access to those whose experiences are seldom discussed.

DQT's function as a creatively, informative access point does double the work;  it highlights non-mainstream quotidian life, and provides a platform for it. 

For WOMENSWORK, DQT will also be developing the second installment of Brittany Barker's BLACKGIRL THIRDSPACE series.

From Brittany:

Through DQT's guidance and mentorship, I look forward to discovering, failing, redirecting and succeeding with a purpose to transform and harness my writing skills. I am also interested in learning the business aspect of the theater industry and to be guided by DQT members. 

This invitation came in a perfect time of my writing career. With the help of DQT, I am learning to listen and take in criticism as a writer! I am excited to be collaborating with other writers to discuss ideas, share opinions and receive guidelines from the seasonal playwrights. 

All three affiliated playwrights will contribute comedic sketches and monologues to this December's FIRST ANNUAL JEWISH CHRISTMAS PAGEANT. 

Welcome aboard!