The Dramatic Question Theatre: 2012-13 Season


You remember your best friends, don’t you? You’re 22, living in your first apartment, there’s always a party to go to, some wine in the cupboard, a guy to take home, a beer in the fridge, someone to laugh at, a guy to kick out, a joint to forget his name, a shoulder to cry on, a shot of whiskey to erase his face, a friend to waste the late night hours with, secrets to share, backs to stab, weaknesses to manipulate, sins to keep you indebted. Remember that beautiful time?

  • Written by Elizabeth Irwin
  • Directed by Dara Malina
  • June 5th-8th at ART-NY South Oxford Space

Performed by Keelie Sheridan, Iman Richardson and Candice Myers*.



What if Ponce de Leon, the famous Spanish Conquistador really did discover the fountain of youth, and what if it came with a curse? In a rare appearance on stage, Dramatic Question Theatre (DQT) founding member Noemi de la Puente presents her one-woman show about second chances and avoiding aging at all costs.

  • Written and performed by Noemi de la Puente
  • Directed by Andreas Robertz
  • April 22nd-25th, 2013 at Theater 3


Cowl Girl is a shut-in living with her cat. Her life consists of Pee-wee Herman, the music of Prince, and 80s cartoons. Her only friend is the doorman in her building. Oh, and she wears a Batman cowl, all day, everyday. Will a new man in her life "unmask" the Cowl Girl and show her what the outside world has to offer? 

  • Written by Anna Capunay
  • Directed by Ana Maria Jomolca
  • April 22nd-25th, 2013 at Theater 3

Performed by: Natalie Buchinsky, Omar Perez and Daniel O’Shea*.



A series of vignettes: five individual and intense plays tackling issues of racism, personal/dating relationships, and class, set during different time periods. 

  • Written by Allen Davis III
  • Directed by Katrin Hilbe
  • January 17th-25th, 2013 at Jimmy's No. 43

Performed by David Arrow*, Shane Baker*, Dennis Brito, Ellen David*,Phillip Filiato*, Michael Gnat*, Kristoffer Infante*, Stephanie Kuroda, Joe Menino*, and Samantha Rosentrater.